Selected Reviews

“… Gray’s photographs are love letters to a community of performers and artists whose works have come and gone …”
—, Sarah Hotchkiss, “Step ‘Within the Light’ at OMCA,” February 27, 2015

“… [Gray’s] photographs impart a history that few recorded or witnessed. She captured the hits and the misses of a new art being born. Under the care of Marion Gray, forgotten moments attain their time in the spotlight. Insignificant cultural markers of the past take on new meaning leading to new insights.”
—, John Held, Jr., “Marion Gray: ‘Within the Light‘,” March 4, 2015

“… Gray juxtaposes key moments of formal performance and unselfconscious movement that create a vibrant representation of [the] event.”
“… Marion Gray’s photographs present a unique and multifaceted portrait of the remarkable individuals and events that have defined the Bay Area art world and beyond over the past 40 years.”
— Terri Cohn, Curator for Meridian Gallery, 2010

“… [Gray’s work is] interrogating not only how we represent ourselves now, but what is signaled for the future.”
—, “Unexpected Reflections: The Portrait Reconsidered,” February 23, 2010

“[Marion Gray’s] images capture various perspectives of room views and close images, documenting the sketching and representation process, the evolving environmental characteristics and the resource requirements during the evolution of a music composition.”
— Craig Harris, Configuring Hospitable Space – Fantasy and Fantastic Media, 1996

“‘Tapestry’ is an exhibit of black-and-white photography, divided into three parts. The first and most inspirational of them, ‘In Performance,’ is a series by Marion Gray capturing artists in action … [Gray possesses] a visceral sense of what multicultural art means in the Bay Area … .”
“… consistently gripping …”
Bay Guardian, “Breeding Multicultural Awareness,” 1991