Noguchi Triptych 1979 | 2010

Still: Photographs from the Archive – images selected for
Togonon Gallery exhibition, San Francisco, California
March 4 – April 17, 2010.

The images for the “Noguchi Triptych” by Marion Gray were taken of Koichi and Hiroko Tomano and their San Francisco dance company when they performed in the “variable landscape” environment at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 1979 during the exhibition, Noguchi’s Imaginary Landscapes.

Noguchi’s Imaginary Landscapes was an exhibition of sculptures, stage sets, and environmental projects by Isamu Noguchi. To complement the exhibition, Noguchi created an installation, “Variable Landscape,” in the Museum’s Rotunda, which was then located in the War Memorial Building.

The installation was composed of Noguchi’s movable sculptures – a shoji screen, tatami mats, a gigantic akari lamp, a large wooden basket, and Zen pillows for seating – that provided “variable” environments for dancers, poets, and musicians to use in their performances.